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More reviews

Kingdom Animalia: the Escapades of Linnaeus has now been reviewed by Tedi Busch in the Nelson Mail, Patricia Prime in Takahē and Paula Green in the NZ Herald.

Freegard has glued the breach between poetry and science with lyricism, inventiveness, research, playfulness and miniature bursts of storytelling.  Paula Green

The South Island Takahē

Freegard’s is a restless poetry, expressing contemporary angst within a context of travel, or analyzing the stopping-places, trying to see clearly, and identifying with the flora and fauna.
Patricia Prime

The author’s imagination is infinite. In just one piece a witch teaches her to fly like a humming bird while advising a man from Japan about his cup of spaghetti and notes that our minds have minds of their own.
Tedi Busch

link to Nelson Mail review

I’ve also added an essay on Linnaeus to this site, if you’re interested in reading more about him – just click on the Linnaeus tab at the top of the home page.