What People are Saying


A Fine Line (NZ Poetry Society newsletter – November 2011)

Reviewer Joanna Preston says:

“At its best, Kingdom Animalia is delicious – often funny, frequently touching, unmistakeably modern, and full of swerves and quirks and strange reverses.”

NZ Herald (1 November 2011)


Reviewer Paula Green says:

“…Freegard has glued the breach between poetry and science with lyricism, inventiveness, research, playfulness and miniature bursts of storytelling. Fascinating. ”

Takahē 73 (Winter 2011)


Reviewer Patricia Prime writes:

“…Freegard’s is a restless poetry, expressing contemporary angst within a context of travel, or analyzing the stopping-places, trying to see clearly, and identifying with the flora and fauna. Yet there is also a need to try and anchor the poems to the modern world.”

Nelson Mail (30 July 2011)

link to review

Reviewer Tedi Busch says:

“…The author’s imagination is infinite. In just one piece a witch teaches her to fly like a humming bird while advising a man from Japan about his cup of spaghetti and notes that our minds have minds of their own. Hers certainly does; I think I’ll go and read this all over again.”

Otago Daily Times

Reviewer Hamesh Wyatt says:  “…There is plenty of subversive humour and a little self-indulgence but never a dull moment. …….Kingdom Animalia: The Escapades of Linnaeus will get under your skin something fierce. It’s neat to have something brand-new and shiny.”


Books in the Trees (Tim Jones) – Interview and 2 poems (A Life Blighted by Pythons and Giant)




Saradha Koirala on the Tuesday Poem blog + Zot and the Axolotls – a poem from the book

Ambystoma mexicanum, leucistic

Winged Ink (Helen Rickerby)


Mary Macpherson (includes a poem, Anemone, from the book).

Accidental as Cobwebs (includes a poem, Turtles, that isn’t in the book, but it does have turtles in it)


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